Cialis, viagra in Australia

Absolutely every man who wants to improve erectile function, prefers to buy a genuine drug. Let’s understand in detail how to distinguish fake Cialis and buy the original, safe for your health product.

Original Cialis has external features, thanks to which you can distinguish it. How not to buy fake Cialis? Pay attention to the appearance of the yellow tablet, which should be oval in shape with a slightly pointed spout (resembling a drop). It has an engraving in the form of volumetric numbers, which mean the dosage, that is, the amount of the active ingredient Tadalafil that it contains. To the touch, the tablet has a dense consistency, it is not crumbly and does not smell in any way. A specific odor is the first bell that the drug is not genuine.

Packaging and labeling
Paper packaging must be marked with an expiration date, batch numbers, and a small hologram. It also indicates the dosage of the main component, the name of the manufacturer, a detailed instruction for use is enclosed. The design of the packaging boxes of generics can look differently. When ordering potency stimulants, ask if their products are licensed and certified. If you are denied documentation, think about the reliability of the store or pharmacy.

A low-quality product Cialis, which is a fake, may not have the proper properties in the fight against erectile dysfunction in men, the effects on potency, such as the original. If you took the pill, but still could not achieve a stable erection, most likely you bought a low-quality analogue. This is also indicated by an uncontrollable erection or complete lack of it, short-lived action. Side effects may occur:

The manifestation of any of the above phenomena should not delay in cancelling the use and seeking professional medical advice. Especially in cases where side effects persist for a long time.

Often on the packages of Cialis substitutes manufacturers indicate that this drug is a copy, so do not be lazy to read this information –, study the details. The indicated differences will help to determine the original pill and quality generic among the fakes. Every man should distinguish a low-quality Cialis drug to avoid negative health consequences.